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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More print and radio love for Bigfoot Benefest!

Santa Cruz Weekly interviews Bigfoot Discovery Project founder and curator Mike Rugg, where he's talkin' Bigfootand of course the Bigfoot Benefit shows this weekend in Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz Weekly continues to have very nice things to say about our weekend of shows, in particular about Paul Collins Beat: "There are plenty of deserving charities to donate your money to, but be sure to save a few shekels to support Felton’s Bigfoot Discovery Museum, the research center devoted to the Pacific Northwest’s favorite cryptid. This show, part of a weekend-long benefit for the museum, boasts Paul Collins’ Beat as headliners. Featuring Collins of twitchy proto-New Wave act the Nerves, the Beat was one of the top acts of the early-’80s mod revival and worthy contemporaries of Joe Jackson and the Jam. Collins is joined by Red Pony Clock, the Huxtables and more, all voicing their support for continued research into the mysterious hominid of mythic proportions."

And Good Time Santa Cruz says the following: "If you’ve never been to the Bigfoot Museum in Felton, you’re missing out on one of the wackiest collections of the fabled beast in the world. To honor and raise money for the museum and research organization, a group of artists are putting on several shows around town. Friday at the Blue Lagoon and Sunday at The Jury Room will rock, but Saturday’s show at The Crepe Place featuring Paul Collins' Beat, Shannon and the Clams, and Garbo's Daughter, will destroy. With Paul Collins—a former member of The Nerves and The Beat (who have toured with The Police and Joe Jackson)—at the helm, this show will make even the hairiest beast shave."


And, if that's not enough, be sure and tune in to K-PIG tomorrow morning around 9 AM. Bigfoot Benefit organizer Patrick make a "hog call" to the morning show. Should be epic. Also, later tomorrow night on UC Santa Cruz's KZSC FM you can hear Patrick on the "Study Buddy" show, where he'll be talking of course Bigfoot Discovery Project and the Bigfoot Benefit! So, pick up the paper and tune in to the radio, then come to our shows this weekend!

Pre-Sale Tickets are on sale now!

Hey everyone, now is your chance to purchase your pre-sale tickets.

Visit this link -

You can select from:

Friday July 1st at the Blue Lagoon with Mean Jeans, Shannon and the Clams and more $13 in advance
Saturday July 2nd at the Crepe Place with Paul Collins Beat and more for $11 in advance
Or tickets to both shows for $21 total.

The Saturday night show at the Crepe Place WILL sell out, so please at least buy your tickets for that show in advance. It will be the only way to guarantee your spot in the venue to see the Power Pop King.

Tickets for Friday's show will still be available at the door.

New Clorox Girls record, recorded and released by Bigfoot Benefit sponsors!

Hey, everybody!

Bigfoot Benefit band Clorox Girls just put out a new 7" record, recorded at Cali Mucho studios and released by their label, 45 RPM Records! I suggest picking up a copy now, then seeing them Friday July 1st at the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz!

Paul Collins' Interview in OC Weekly

Paul Collins is interviewed in OC Weekly  Paul Collins Is a Power Papa before their show in Fullerton this week. You can also catch the power pop king this Saturday July 2nd at The Crepe Place as part of the Bigfoot Benefit in Santa Cruz!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Talkin' Bigfoot Fest on FM 94.9's Local Pyle in San Diego!

Hey friends!

I was lucky enough to be invited on to 94.9 FM's the Local Pyle Sunday June 26th, where I will be the guest of host Tim Pyles. We'll be talking Bigfoot Benefit and playing tunes by some of the Bigfoot Benefit bands!

The show will be broadcast live from San Diego's the Casbah, where there is a free show with Heavy Glow, the Tuggs, and Just Like Jenna! Plus there will be free food served from Gaglione Brothers!

So if you're in the area come on down to the free show and see us. If you're not around, you can stream the show here!

Nikki Corvette and Paul Collins' Beat shows in San Diego and Los Angeles

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you all a heads up on a couple of events with some of our Bigfoot Benefit bands that are on your way to our shows Friday July 1st through Sunday July 3rd in Santa Cruz!

The San Diego Reader previews the Paul Collins' Beat show with Garbo's Daugther Wednesday June 29th at the Soda Bar in San Diego.

And LA Weekly previews the Nikki Corvette show Thursday June 30th at the Redwood Bar in Downtown Los Angeles.

You can then catch Nikki Corvette, Garbo's Daughter and Paul Collins' Beat all as a part of the Bigfoot Benefit! Nikki Corvette plays Saturday July 2nd at 3 PM at the Bigfoot Discovery Project in Felton and then later that evening around 8 PM is the Garbo's Daughter and Paul Collins' Beat show at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz. Both shows will be all-ages, plus alcoholic beverages will be served at both for the grown-ups!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Bigfoot Benefit Podcast

Hey folks,

The podcast of the internet radio show I did a couple weeks back is up for your downloading and/or streaming pleasure!

Sugar and Syrup Alter-Native Hour with Colin Dana, recorded 06/06/2011.

Unfortunately the music from the Bigfoot Benefit bands that I brought to play wasn't compatible with their set-up, but there are some otherwise righteous jams, as well as an interview with Mr. Dana where we discuss the Bigfoot Discovery Project and upcoming Bigfoot Benefit shows!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bigfoot Benefit in the news!

Santa Cruz Sentinel was kind enough to run a piece about the upcoming Bigfoot Benefit shows

And the Bigfoot Evidence blog put together another nice blog entry regarding the Bigfoot Benefest! Santa Cruz July 1st - 3rd!

Bigfoot Benefit Youtube Commercial

Co-conspirator in the organizing of the Bigfoot Benefit shows, Mr. Richard Nasalcavity, has put together a fun little Youtube commercial.

See it here:

More Paul Collins!

We're getting bombarded with new print and radio press on the Paul Collins' Beat!

You can hear Paul get interviewed on Hartford, CT radio station WRTC and read a preview of his New Haven show courtesy of the Hartford Courant

And of course you can see them Saturday July 2nd at the Crepe Place as part of the Bigfoot Benefit!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shannon and the Clams' track by track breakdown of "Sleep Talk"

Bigfoot Benefit band Shannon and the Clams gives an in-depth background to each song on their new record, "Sleep Talk" to Seattle weekly paper The Stranger. Check out the article, pick up the new record and be sure to come and see them at the Bigfoot Benefest! Santa Cruz July 1st - 3rd!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Free Dirtnap Records Summer Sampler featuring the Mean Jeans!

Hey everyone! I know you all love free music, so here you go -

Dirtnap Records Summer 2011 Sampler

And The Dallas Observer says of Bigfoot Benefit band Mean Jeans, "Get on board with Mean Jeans ASAP." We couldn't agree more!

So, download the sampler and come check out Mean Jeans Friday July 1st at the Blue Lagoon as they headline the first night of the Bigfoot Benefest! July 1st - 3rd in Santa Cruz!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the news...

Hey everybody, a couple of news stories from today and yesterday about our event and some of our bands.

From Free Press Houston is an article about and interview with Paul Collins of Paul Collins' Beat ran a story about our Bigfoot benefit and festival

And the Bigfoot Evidence blog ran another article about the Bigfoot Benefit

Check 'em out, friends!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Support your Bigfoot Benefit Bands!

Couple items for you to check out regarding some of our very special friends playing the Bigfoot Benefit and Festival this summer.

First - be sure to check out Paul Collins' E-Bay store, where he will personally sign any record you order!

Second - check out this great interview from Kind Turkey with Mandy Mullins, singer-guitar player for Garbo's Daughter

And Third - check out Clorox Girls live in the studio on Skid Row Radio, where they will be playing an acoustic set live in the studio and doing an interview

So check all that out and show 'em some love!

Bigfoot Evidence blog shows the Bigfoot fest some love!

Thanks to Bigfoot Evidence, "World's only 24/7 Bigfoot News Blog," for sharing some info on our event!

Be sure to read about it there and to check out their site for some seriously in-depth Bigfoot news!

Talkin' Bigfoot Benefit on inTRAFFIKradio's Alter-Native Hour Tonight!

Hey there Bigfoot Benefesters -

I'll be a guest tonight on Mr. Colin Dana's internet radio show, the Sugar and Syrup Alter-Native Hour on inTRAFFIKradio.

Show will start around 9:30 PM Pacific Time, so tune in, give us a listen. Should be a fun time. We'll be talking about the Bigfoot Discovery Project and playing tunes from some of the bands, who will be playing our events, Friday July 1st - 3rd in Santa Cruz to honor and celebrate the work of the museum!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Talkin' Bigfoot Benefit on inTRAFFIKradio's Alter-Native Hour Monday June 6th

Hey everybody,

Hope you can listen in Monday June 6th, 9:30 PM Pacific Time to inTRAFFIKradio's Alter-Native Hour. I'll be an in-studio guest and we will be playing tunes from Bigfoot Benefit bands, discussing the museum and goings on for the weekend of benefit and festival shows.

Give us a listen!

Welcome to the Bigfoot Benefit!


Welcome to our blog for the Bigfoot Benefit! Three days of killer shows located in the Santa Cruz area dedicated to raising funds for and awareness of the Bigfoot Discovery Project, a museum and research organization dedicated to Bigfoot and other cryptids! This will be a really fun event and with proceeds going to a really fun cause, as well!

Tickets to the big evening shows will be $15 each at the door, though tickets will also be available for purchase in advance from the museum, located at 5497 Highway 9 in Felton, CA. We will also post a link soon here and at our Facebook event page for you to purchase tickets online.

Here is all of the info as we have it so far, but please be sure to check back often for updates because we are getting awesome news every day!

923 Pacific Avenue Santa Cruz, CA
831 423 7117
21+ 8 PM


5497 Highway 9 Felton, CA
831 335 4478


1134 Soquel Avenue Santa Cruz, CA
831 429 6994





So there you have it! These shows are seriously going to rule. Please come on up to Santa Cruz to celebrate your 4th of July with us. Go check out the boardwalk, the Mystery Spot, check out some sweet shows and donate some cash to Bigfoot and his buddies.

And please share this page and info with your friends and any others you think might be interested in the bands and/or the cause, because this will rule but of course, we could always use some help getting the word out.

And, if you are interested in helping, volunteering, sponsoring, etc. please feel free to contact me so we can get you involved.

Thanks! And we look forward to seeing you this summer!